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Today this legume is considered a typical product of the Mediterranean diet but has very ancient origins dating back to 5,000 years ago. The Broad Bean is a rich source of mineral salts and high nutritional content proteins that give it the name of "meat of the poor". Its sowing takes place in mid-November to then harvest the fruit in May and the...

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The Black Chickpeas are a native variety of the Sicilian territory, they are wrinkled to the touch and with an irregular shape that recalls the head of a ram. This type of less-known legume is rich in fiber and iron. Unlike the white cecio, it requires longer cooking times and has a more intense flavor.

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The White Lentil is sown between the middle of November and the beginning of January depending on the type and exposure of the land. The harvest takes place in the period between June and July and the bundles are left to dry for about 5 days on the ground. Lentil is characterized by a high protein content, low phosphorus and potassium content and a high...

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