Broad Bean from Leonforte

Codice prodotto: SP011

Today this legume is considered a typical product of the Mediterranean diet but has very ancient origins dating back to 5,000 years ago. The Broad Bean is a rich source of mineral salts and high nutritional content proteins that give it the name of "meat of the poor". Its sowing takes place in mid-November to then harvest the fruit in May and the territory in which these crops are present is Leonforte and other municipalities such as Assoro, Nissoria and Enna.

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Weight and Package Type: 500g Envelope

Ingredients: Dried broad beans

Appearance: green undamaged seeds

Sensory characteristics: Typical smell, taste and color of the product.

Consumption: Hold the beans soak for 12 hours and then shell them and consume them after cooking. Cooking times: 60 minutes

Primary packaging: Envelope

 Quality: Polypropylene for Food

 Dimensions in mm: 80x280x50

Secondary packaging: Carton

 Dimensions in cm: 30 x 22 x 10

T.M.C. / expiry date: the expiry date is shown on the back of the envelope

Shelf life: 18 months from the date of packaging

Mode of indication of the production lot: The lot is made up of five numbers, where the first three indicate the day of packaging, while the remaining two indicate the year, and is found indicated on the back of the package. : Keep in a cold and dry place.

Mode of Transport: Room temperature. Transportation is by means of closed, clean, dry and odor-free vehicles. The transported goods are placed on pallets and protected by stretch film.

EAN code: 8 031756 00003 9

HACCP system applied according to current legislation.

Codice prodotto: SP011
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