Legumes Terre di Chiesa

The history and taste of the "Terre di Chiesa" legumes are lost in the mists of time.

Indeed, during the cold winters around the year 1000, the monks, established in the small church in the Contrada Piano Comune, began, as in many other abbeys, to cultivate legumes as a source of livelihood and to transform their cuisine into a place of culinary experimentation.

It is from this age-old tradition that the “Terre di Chiesa” legumes were born, products inextricably linked to the territory, devoid of artifices and totally genuine and natural.

Tradition, today synonymous with quality, which is realized in the hands of those who work with raw materials, or "the Azienda Agricola Mulinello", which still preserves the quality, genuineness and rigor of this unforgettable product.


Our company

Thanks to the passion and attachment to the territory, "Mulinello" has decided to expand its basket by focusing on enhancing Leonforte's fishing products. Settembrina fishing, in fact, is characterized by its intense aroma and the genuineness that gives it the maturation inside the bag, unique in its kind.


From Leonforte, a green oasis in the heart of the arid countryside in the province of Enna, a journey begins in the Terre dei legumi di Sicilia. Leonforte is surrounded by wild nature with rocky environments, valleys, gorges, rivers, an intricate woodland vegetation and a territory dotted with archaeological finds from prehistoric and industrial times.

Gusto di Campagna

A family matter. A matter of tradition. In 2016 it is not easy to find young people who decide to dedicate their lives to the countryside, to agriculture. The question is whether it is possible to combine tradition and innovation. A Leonforte and, in particular, in the company Mulinello they succeeded. Precisely in the sign of tradition, meeting with innovation and with the desire to make young people, brought the product "homemade" even away from Italy.


The ability to broaden one's horizons is one of the most important qualities for an entrepreneur who wants to be forward-looking and in step with the times. This is the case of Alessandro Cipolla, owner of the Mulinello di Leonforte farm in the province of Enna, already known for the production of meat and cured meats. Although the company has been dedicated to breeding since 1976, in fact, for a year it has decided to carry on, in parallel, a project dedicated to the legumes of the area called "Terre di Chiesa", from the name of the district in which legumes are grown. It is a brand that distinguishes the company's commitment to the protection and enhancement of the extraordinary heritage of typical products of the Leonfortian territory.


The company is not only dedicated to meat and cold cuts. The project dedicated to the pulses of the territory called "Terre di Chiesa" gave interesting results. This project led the Mulinello to the cultivation and commercialization of Leonforte black lentils, Leonforte broad beans, shelled fava beans and black chickpeas and white chickpeas, and to the production of nectar and extra jam confectionery from Leonforte, from September fishing. of Leonforte, together with the traditional production of salami, pasqualora sausage and black pork salami.