Subject and applicable discipline

These General Conditions define the terms and conditions according to which Terre di Chiesa provides the client with registered office in Italy, access to the site contacts  for the purchase by the same of the services made available by Terre di Chiesa on its online platform -, after authentication or registration in the appropriate section of the portal, with payment for the services purchased through PayPal account.

Terre di Chiesa reserves the right to change the offer on the platform at any time.

Site registration

In order to access the online purchase features or, with the client's prior consent, to receive commercial information from Azienda Terre di Chiesa relating to the services and offers made available on the online platform, the Customer must authenticate in case he is already in possession of the credentials or must register, filling in the special form in the "Register" section; the Customer must enter as User-ID the e-mail address that will be used by Azienda Agricola Mulinello Srl for all communications relating to the services purchased online and / or for sending the above commercial information, and must set a password. User ID and password will be requested from the Customer at each subsequent access to the platform. Following the registration to the Customer, an e-mail confirming the registration to the site

will be sent to the e-mail address entered as User-id.

The Customer is required to keep the access keys (User ID and Password) with the utmost confidentiality and diligence by updating the Password every 60 days as provided by safety regulations. The customer will therefore be responsible for any access to the site and / or request made through the same indemnifying and holding the Terre di Chiesa harmless from any damage and / or claims by third parties.

Customer Data

In order to use the online platform, the Customer guarantees that the personal data communicated to Azienda Agricola Mulinello Srl are true, correct and complete and such to allow its identification and availability and undertakes to notify Azienda Agricola Mulinello Srl of any variation of the same, including the e-mail address indicated at the time of registration, assuming responsibility for any damages deriving from their inaccuracy. He will therefore be responsible for any damage caused to Azienda Agricola Mulinello Srl and / or to third parties due to the inaccuracy of the same with a commitment to indemnify Azienda Agricola Mulinello Srl from any third party claim.

Terre di Chiesa reserves the right not to activate or suspend access to the site and / or purchase features at any time if the data communicated by the Customer are incorrect and / or incomplete.